The cost for a Custom Logo  ranges from  $350 - $595 depending on complexity. Deposit to get started is $175 and payable via PayPal (mariaross@comcast.net). Balance is due upon completion of Logo.


Updating existing logo, please send email for pricing to mariaross@comcast.net.

The below logos are custom logos I created for past clients.

Once you place your order and pay the deposit I will create a custom logo for you!

  • 3 Logo Concepts Viewable in 7 Business Days

  • Original Design Created for you

  • Versatile - Image files for Web and Print

  • PDF Proof of Final Design Emailed to You

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Unlimited Revisions Until You Are Happy

  • You Own the Copyright With Final Payment

A well designed logo can make a difference for a business. A logo design that is memorable, unique, relevant, and simplistic enough to be versatile for a wide adaptability of use, recognizably, and longevity. Your logo can be used for so many different purposes that will help you market your business. It can be displayed on banners, saddle pads, caps, etc. If you need help with any of these I can help and/or refer you to great people that do embroidery, etc.

Final logo design will be supplied to you in digital format files: JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS, EMF, SVG, and AI.  For an extra fee I can make and mail the files on CDs.

General logo design process: 

This is just a general layout of how I normally work on a logo design project. 

The creation of a logo normally progresses  -- taking in the client's info and ideas, researching and gathering inspiration, creative development, feedback, changes, feedback, changes. It is really a cooperative creation in that the client has a lot of say on the final outcome of the logo design. 

I look forward to designing your new custom logo.